Georgia Tech Gets 50 Percent More Cores and Twice as Much Memory per Server with Intel® Xeon® Processors 5600 Series

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Georgia Tech.jpgThe Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) College of Engineering (COE) Virtual Lab (Vlab) project allows students to remotely access dozens of engineering applications from their personal computing devices. In the fall of 2010, COE upgraded its Vlab servers to the Intel® Xeon® processor X5650, gaining 50 percent more cores and twice as much memory per server as it had on its Intel Xeon processor E5520-based servers. The results: increased performance and density, a better experience for users, and cost savings for IT.

“We have been able to exceed our initial target of 36 virtual desktops per server,” explained Didier Contis, director of technology services for the Georgia Tech College of Engineering. “That target may seem very conservative compared to other virtual desktop interface (VDI) projects, but our virtual desktops are sized at a minimum with two virtual CPUs and 3 GB of memory per virtual machine to support a variety of engineering applications.”

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