Get on the Cloud Expressway

Last week I wrote about Intel's Day in the Cloud event. I've still got a lot to cover from that content rich day and will be back later this week to discuss the additional reference architecture solutions we had showcased by Intel Cloud Builders ecosystem partners.

This week, however, is Cloud Connect, an event that is becoming a central hub of information on the latest in cloud solutions.  Intel is there showing off our platforms and announcing a cool new technology called Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360...a software solution that enables much tighter control of password authentication as well as the ability to unify passwords across cloud apps.  This seems like a simple concept in theory, but if you think of the implications of multiple services served up across the cloud in coming years, password administration and secure access control could quickly become a nightmare for IT organizations without this time of innovation in place.

I recently learned a lot from Intel's Vikas Jain (@VikasJainTweet) about the innovation. Check out our conversation in our latest Conversations in the Cloud podcast.