Hackers welcome at Open Data Center Alliance’s Forecast Hackathon


We are holding our first ever hackathon for the Open Data Center Alliance at this year’s 2014 Forecast event.  This is pretty cool because it isn't the usual crowd.  This will be the first time we are engaging with developers to promote the development of cloud-aware applications.  Earlier this year we released a new paper on “Architecting Cloud-Aware Applications” that contains design patterns for coding applications to run well in a cloud.  Why does the ODCA [Open Data Center Alliance] care about cloud-aware applications?  In short, we are not able to make the most of cloud without these kinds of applications.

We’ve been holding hackathons in Intel IT for the past year or two and it has been very popular with our development community.  As opposed to a rigid instructor led class with specific exercises, the hackathon allows participants to explore ideas at their own pace, immersing them into technology areas which excite and interest them.

Our mini-hackathon at Forecast is intended to be a fun competition, compete with cool, but not over the top, prizes including a hot new video game that is just being released this month.  The goal is to develop a volunteer matching application for one of several non-profits that have chosen to work with us:  Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, CYCLE kids and CloudNOW.  Apps will be judged to be cloud-aware, including a stateless model, web services approach, massive scaling, and design for failure.

There is still time to join us for the hackathon which will be held on September 23 & 24th at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.  Contact our project manager, Bette Clem, for a free conference pass with your registration.  Come join the fun!