Highlights from IDF 2010: The Data Center Zone


At IDF 2010 in San Francisco last week there was one place to find everything Xeon, High Performance Computing (HPC), most anything cloud, and everything you needed to know about mission critical solutions for data centers.  Yes, that is right, the Data Center Zone.

Whether you looked for cloud, power efficiency, security, Xeon or just to learn something new, you found it at the Data Center Zone. For all your questions staff were onsite, resident data center dudes if you will.  Two in particular Jon Markee and Rob Kypriotakis were on site, check out their interview with Cisco to see what they had to say.

While IDF raged on the Data Center Zone was a technology showcase, host to ongoing demos, and many classes.  Some of the demos to highlight are:

HPC: High Performance Computing

  • Flexible Datacenter in the Cloud
  • Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture for Highly Parallel Computing


  • End to End Integrated Cloud
  • Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager
  • Security in client aware usages
  • Open Scalable Cloud Storage
    …Abridged, read this post for full list and this recap on the cloud computing events at IDF for more info …

Mission Critical

  • Better data protection with broader encryption
  • Power savings, even on the big servers

Of the classes ready for the taking, the main tracks and some available courses were:

Architecture: Next Generation Intel® Microarchitecture

Cloud Computing: Evolution of the Data Center

The largest track, some courses are:

  • Turning the Tide on Data Center Energy Consumption
  • Using Intel Technologies to Provide Managed Services Solutions for Small Business Customers
  • Securing today’s Data Centers against Tomorrow’s Attacks
  • Using Intel® Technologies to Provide Managed Services Solutions for Small Business Customers

Eco-Technology: Environment and Productivity at its Best with Energy-Efficient Products and Technologies

High Performance Computing

Next Generation of PCI Express Technology:  Usages and Technology Features

Energy, Thermal and Mechanical Technology

SuperSpeed USB: Advancements in a Ubiquitous Technology

Solutions: Connecting the technology to the economics and requirements of business

For more info on these classes and more check out the IDF 2010 catalog for available recorded courses.