Hostway, Indiana University and NYSE Technologies Get the Power to Lead from Intel® Xeon®

itc_cs_hostway_xeon_carousel_preview.jpgBusiness leadership takes a lot of things—not the least of which is processing power. And that world-class processing power is exactly what three leading organizations get from Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series.

A global leader in application hosting and infrastructure, Hostway reduces the complexity and cost of Web-based technologies for both small businesses and large enterprises. Hostway standardizes on Intel® server technologies and says Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 and 7500 series help the company stay ahead of rising demand and thrive in its dynamic market segment.

“We use Intel® technologies in our visible platforms because of the brand equity and the recognition of quality and reliability, and we don’t alter that when the systems are hidden from the customer,” explained Todd Benjamin, vice president of enterprise hosting for Hostway. “That says a lot about our confidence in the Intel® products.”

Academic leader Indiana University (IU) is committed to what its IT management calls “ruthless standardization.” It recently refreshed virtually all the university’s server infrastructure and now runs approximately 1,600 virtual machines on an internal cloud of 65 Dell PowerEdge* R810 servers with the Intel Xeon processor 7500 series and VMware vSphere* 4 Enterprise Plus. Accomplished in two months, the transition was invisible to users. The cloud includes 8 TB of DDR3 RAM, offers access to nearly half a petabyte of storage, and runs more than 100 Tier 1 Oracle Database* 11g instances.

“I have a mainframe background,” explained Mike Floyd, chief system architect for Indiana University, “so my expectations are high in the area of reliability, availability, and serviceability. IU is proof positive that Intel® X86 servers are ready for mission-critical applications and workloads. All our enterprise applications are virtualized and running on Intel Xeon processor 7500 series technology.”

NYSE Technologies, a  leading provider of electronic trading solutions, offers a Trading-in-a-Box solution that uses advanced technology from industry leaders Intel and IBM in a solution that consolidates multiple tiers of a trading firm’s servers into a single server, delivering lightning-fast messaging and analytics and providing dramatic gains in efficiency, reductions in latency, and increases in productivity.

“NYSE Technologies’ use of the 64 high-performance cores in the IBM System x3850 X5 server [with Intel Xeon processor 7500 series] is a new model for algorithmic trading. The x3850 X5 has been engineered to provide enterprise-class reliability, and compute and memory scalability, and we’re excited to have NYSE Technologies create a new reference platform with it,” says Dave Weber, program director for IBM Wall Street Center of Excellence.

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