How Can Innovative Server Designs Lead to Greater Business Success?

By Mike Yang, general manager, QCT

Operators of large-scale datacenters know that every watt counts. But the improving economics of greater performance per watt/dollar as new server technologies enter the market is only one way that innovative server designs lead to greater business efficiency.

At Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), we believe that datacenter agility is emerging as a business success factor that’s every bit as important as power and thermal efficiencies. We arm our customers with designs that combine the latest innovations from Intel with technologies like Open Compute and engineering leadership that delivers server, storage and switch products uniquely tailored to specific datacenter functions and workload optimizations.

Traditional datacenter designs are unable to meet today’s cloud computing requirements for ever-higher densities and scalability, centralized management, smart energy management and resource scheduling. QCT is an active member in the Open Compute Project, which is just one technology that allows us to deliver compute, storage and networking infrastructures to many of the world’s busiest cloud datacenters. By committing ourselves to deliver a more powerful and flexible environment for cloud, we’ve given our customers a powerful combination of efficiency and agility.

We work with Intel to deploy several cutting-edge technologies and transform them into solutions. For example, we are among the first OEMs to commercialize the next generation Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family into servers with our 12 new products. The new server series greatly improves the manageability and capability that each server node can achieve.

To address the need for improved capacity utilization and operational efficiency, we integrated Intel® Node Manager Firmware into our new servers. This enables capabilities such as the Power Thermal Awareness Solution (PTAS) when used in conjunction with our new datacenter management software, Quanta Datacenter Manager (QDCM). It helps datacenter managers monitor real time power usage and temperature via a single dashboard. It also allows for management of server power consumption by setting policies. We believe a wide range of applications can benefit from these new servers.

QCT is also working with Intel on a development platform based on Intel Rack Scale Architecture (RSA) infrastructure technology. The idea of RSA for datacenter infrastructure is to disaggregate servers, storage and networks into pools of resources, targeted at lowering data center total cost of ownership, increasing utilization and ability to deploy services quickly. RSA is implemented via open API’s/ software integrating underlying compute, network, storage via a scalable compute fabric and high bandwidth silicon photonics interconnect. RSA is a stepping stone to software-defined infrastructure. We are planning to bring QCT RSA products to market by the second half of 2015.

When it comes to business success, it’s not necessarily the strongest, best financed or largest that wins. Instead, it’s the one who can focus on the core business. We believe the future is as much about agility, openness and speed as it is about cost efficiency. Our goal is to empower our customers to build and maintain IT facility advantages so they can focus on their core business growth.

The revolution is here. Let’s see how Intel and QCT transform the future datacenter landscapes.