How to get training on the Intel(r) Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH)

Manish Amin,--BigData Analytics, Intel Corp. Hadoop Trainer.


The Intel Datacenter Software training staff recently conducted an intensive four day, web-based training for Hadoop Administrators and Developers, showcasing the Intel(r) Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH)

The Administration and Developer Training was a comprehensive, lab-based web event, covering a broad range of topics that an organization needs to know in order to rapidly deploy a Hadoop cluster. The students were engaged and impressed with Intel Big Data Training quality and content we basically ensure that our team provides the best training experience possible.  We trained on Hadoop cluster built on VMWare. The feedback for online training class was exceptional.

In addition to a monthly calendar of similar training – both virtual and live, local events, Intel added SAP HANA and Hadoop Developer training to the roster.

Why get Hadoop Training?

With the growing adoption of Apache Hadoop as the platform for big data analysis across various industries, the need for IT professionals with expertise in operating Hadoop clusters is increasing rapidly. The power and flexibility of this platform also presents compelling opportunities to develop new data-driven services on Hadoop and HBase, making "Hadoop developer" one of the most sought after skills in the software industry. There has never been a better time to get Hadoop training.