How Would You Like Your Benchmark?

Today, I met with Tim Denney (a summer intern here at Intel) who is working for our performance analysis team. Tim told me that he had built a tool allowing intel employees to compare performance of certain SPEC published benchmarks ( across a variety of processors.

Tim demonstrated this analysis tool that searches all the integer and floating point publications on across a range of architectures (Intel, AMD, UltraSPARC, Power). You can input different processors and then the tool returns the published results available and a simple graphical display of the best published results for the processors chosen.

After meeting with Tim, I thought about the numerous "Ask an Expert" questions I’ve received on OpenPort in the last 6-9 months where people have asked me where and how they can compare performance across a variety of processors (dual core to quad core, different speeds, 1S to 2S to 4S, etc).

In took me about a nano-second to realize that your input would be really helpful in developing an improved user interface. So here is your chance. I encourage you to try this performance comparison tool and respond back with your ideas on how we can improve the tool and user interface. I can’t guarantee that we can implement every suggestion, however, I do guarantee that we will listen.

So … How would you like your benchmark?