HP Taps the Full Power of Intel Nehalem with 11 New ProLiant G6 Servers

The HP team is fired up about our new line of Intel Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) -based servers – we call them HP ProLiant G6 – the sixth generation since we started counting back in 2001. We made a big investment to offer these new features across our entire line of rack, tower and blades – 11 new servers in all. Big breakthrough in thermals – and I’m not talking about long johns here – I mean the power draw is half of previous generation thanks to revamped server design including Sea of Sensors, Common Power Slots and the world’s only hardware implementation of Power Capping (great partnership with Intel on that one too).

In addition, we’ve built on our long history of server management leadership with a trio of new capabilities, ProLiant Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect Flex-10 and Insight Dynamics. All together these allow you to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of your servers and your support staff.

The other major focus for this new server line was tying them directly to new offerings from services. Do you use Starbucks cards? Our Proactive Select debit card approach is similar – but instead of dispensing caramel macchiato we dispense 85 different mission-critical services such as health checks and SAN assessments.

Lastly, we know times our tough – and for customers wanting to conserve cash (that means you), our HP Financial Services team offers sale-lease back options that will give you a cash-infusion by taking your existing infrastructure off of your balance sheet. In this way, you can lean on HP to help you get the buying power to step up to a new generation of server capability.

Get a guided backstage tour of HP ProLiant G6 by the people who built it here

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