I want my HPC….under my desk

Are your “stuck at the desktop?”   A May 2008 study from the Council on Competitiveness and IDC identifies the barriers large and small firms face in moving from desktop computers to High Performance Computing (HPC) servers.

Among the study findings1, most firms:

Reveal that they have important problems they cannot solve on their desktop systems

  • Reveal that they have important problems they cannot solve on their desktop systems
  • Face three major barriers to adoption:  lack of application software, lack of sufficient talent, and cost constraints

As a scientist, an engineer, or an analyst: Have you outgrown your desktop?  What kind of new innovation or capabilities would the use of a HPC cluster give you?  Imagine the capability to analyze data and gain more insight faster, or the ability to virtually prototype your ideas product more efficiently and cost effectively, or perhaps analyze, model, or simulate larger problems.

Few OEM products aimed at the personal or “desk-side” segment are making easier for end users to adopt HPC and help to overcome some of the barriers to adoption:  the Cray* CX1*, SGI* Octane* III, and HP’s  CP Workgroup System.  These products are aimed at addressing the needs of the entry level HPC market and the workstation users that have outgrown their desktops.  Both the Cray CX1 and SGI Octane III systems are Intel® Cluster Ready (ICR) program certified which means that Intel has worked with the hardware, system, and application vendors to ensure your configuration has been pre-tested for interoperability, so you can deploy with confidence.  ICR helps to reduce TCO by making sure the components keep working together over the cluster’s lifetime, to increase availability and save time for IT departments.

So if your IT department cannot buy you full blown super computer, ask them for a personal super computer.

1 Source: Reveal.  Council on Competitiveness and USC-ISI Broad Study of Desktop Technical Computing End Users and HPC, May 2008 (http://www.compete.org/publications/detail/420/reveal/)

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others