IBM and Intel Deliver Mission-Critical Value for Anixter

itc_video_anixter_xeon_carousel_preview.jpgIT professionals must handle the explosive growth in data, analytics, and transactions with ever-tightening budgets. Two complementary innovations are making it possible to get high-volume, low-cost computing for mission-critical online transactions. One is the IBM D2* X5 server, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series, which can dramatically increase server performance, efficiency, and reliability. The other is IBM pureScale*, which helps data centers increase their database transaction capacity while reducing the risk and cost of growing IT systems.

For Anixter, a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners, and other small components, this combination provided the benefits of both a rock-solid, highly scalable hardware platform and a rock-solid, highly available software platform.

“We’re very excited about this partnership between IBM and Intel to provide Intel Xeon processing for the IBM D2 X5 server,” said Bernie Connor, director of IT for Anixter. "Using pureScale in that environment will provide the kind of availability, scalability, and recoverability that we need to serve our customers.”

To learn more, watch our new Anixter video. As always, you can find this one, and many others, in the Reference Room and IT Center.

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