IBM servers equipped with the NEW Intel Xeon 5600 series

I'm excited to highlight new IBM servers supporting today’s announcement of the next generation of Intel Xeon processors: the 5600 Series (codename Westmere-EP… EP for Efficient Processors).  IBM refreshed their portfolio of 2-socket racks, towers, and blades. Their Xeon 5600 based-servers (rack and towers) are easy to find with an “M3” in the product name, example: x3650 M3; and two Xeon 5600 based-blades are available: BladeCenter HS22 and HS22V

Some highlights I found on

  • 50% more memory capacity on rack-optimized servers (x3650 M3, x3550 M3)

  • 60% more internal storage capacity on rack-optimized servers (x3650 M3, x3550 M3)

  • 30%-50% more VMs per server with the virtualization-optimized HS22V

  • new iDataPlex (dx360M3) is the first two-socket server to achieve 3,000 operations per watt

I encourage you to check out the System x website – you will find more information about the 7 (seven!) servers IBM announced, including animated demo’s for each product: (press release)

I also listened to the Intel-IBM webcast today. Great presentations by Intel's Shannon Poulin, and Bob Galush, IBM's VP of High Volume Servers. For those of you who missed it, you can check out the replay!

Cheers, Raechel