IDF 2009: Accelerating Application Performance, Scaling Performance Forward, Balanced Computing and More..

I finally finshed the content for the talk that I am scheduled to deliver next week at IDF on Sept 22 (TCIS001 10:15 am – Room 2004).  The content covers examples of optimizing for multi-core using our software tools to accelerate performance,  and more importantly the seamless use of the same software base with minimal or no changes in next-generation architectures (what we call scaling performance forward). Personally, I am excited about the potential of multi-core optimizations with today’s architectures. When I was a graduate student in parallel computing from 1988-1994, it was extremely difficult to take any algorithm and map it to the parallel architectures since most of the algorithms were not very efficient once you took the communication delay’s into account.

The key is to get total delivered performance at an application level, not at the kernel level. However, given the architectures of today which are better balanced, and the availability of multi-core, the memory bandwidth, software tools that work, and the faster interconnects, the number of algorithms that can be parallelized and that actually benefit with accelerated performance (Delivered total application time)  is huge, pretty much every industry vertical is taking advantage of multi-core architectures, software tools, and clusters.

John Gustafson, from our Intel Labs, an industry HPC veteran, is my co-author, and I am thrilled to have him speak about Balanced Computing. Wes Shimanek, a colleague of mine at Intel introduced me to John and after listening to his explanation of balanced computing, and his views on what works and what doesn’t, we immediately  knew that John’s expertise will be greatly valued by the IDF audience, and invited John to be part of the talk. John graciously accepted to participate, and I hope that folks interested in computing architectures, especially in the HPC world will make the time to come listen to John’s talk.

I will also be giving you a high level view on the challenges that drive our products and briefly introduce you to the various aspects of our strategy. I will be followed by 3 more talks that will cover the key aspects of what we do at Intel in HPC, Software Tools for Scaling Application Performance Forward (TCIS002), Delivering more to HPC than just Performance (TCIS003), and Intel® Cluster Ready (TCIS009).

I am looking forward to IDF next week. See you all at the developer forum

Nash Palaniswamy (Intel)