Implementing Virtualization: Four Years of Learning and Value

Like many businesses, when Intel IT initially embarked on virtualizing our data center environment, we expected that it would deliver tremendous value but we did not know exactly how it would affect our operations, intfrastructure investements, platform standards and financial ROI .. now we do.

Two of my peers in Intel IT, Bill Sunderland and Steve Anderson, published a paper last week that discusses the key learnings from our last four years and where we are going in the next few.

Some interesting tidbits I took away were:

  • Break even financial ROI occured at ratios of less than 4VM / server
  • Implementing our virtualization strategy required investments across all aspects of the data center, including server, storage and network
  • Intel IT averages 10:1 consolidation for servers and 15:1 for storage with opportunity for even higher density moving forward
  • Appropriate server sizing depends on a variety of many variables including risk tolerance, flexibility, cost and financial goals

The bottom line conclusion of the implementing virtualization white paper is that Intel IT will accelerate our virtualization efforts to more environments and at a faster pace in 2010 continuing to utilize the latest generation of 2S and 4S Intel Xeon based servers.

To see how virtualization fits within our larger data center operations strategy, read more about our Intel IT Data Center Solutions