Innovation was never so fast with Intel® Xeon® 5400 Series processor based workstations

Today's workstation with (2) Intel® Xeon® 5400 Series processors transforms a workstation from a simple design terminal into a powerful engineering tool that helps users potentially compress the time between an idea and a product. At Intel we call that "working differently". In the manufacturing vertical market it may also be called:

  • digital prototyping,

  • analysis driven design or

  • simulation based product design.

No matter what you call it, these new ways of working help manufacturers virtually explore complete products before they are built-so they can create, validate, optimize, and manage designs from the conceptual design phase through the manufacturing process.

Digital prototyping processes may also require that you also rethink your workstation deployment strategy; moving from single processor workstations, to two (2) Intel Xeon 5400 processor based workstations with 8 computational cores and up to 100 peak gigaflops of floating point performance. This compute capacity coupled with the robust visualization environment enabled by two (2) PCI Gen 2 graphics adapters changes would be workstations into workstation supercomputers and enables engineers and designers to concurrently perform traditional CAD design as well moderate size analysis (e.g. over 5M degrees of freedom finite element modeling jobs or up to 10M cell fluid dynamic simulations).

This combination (CAD and Analysis) can help organization optimize CAD parts or assemblies under a wide range of physical scenarios including mechanical and thermal effects. Net result is workstation supercomputers based on Intel® Xeon® 5400 Series processor can help to bring higher quality or more innovative ideas to markets faster than ever before.