Intel and Oracle Address a New Era for IT

It’s an interesting time to be an IT professional. Advances in technology, today’s economic reality and the rapidly changing security landscape are all factors coming together at the same time to change the way businesses must think about IT.

IT organizations face an urgent need for greater data storage and analysis capabilities, plus secure connectivity for an expanding array of devices. At the same time, IT is taking on a newly prominent role on the business side, driving greater agility, flexibility and efficiency both in and beyond the data center. And, by the way, IT professionals are expected to do all this while budgets remain flat.

The good news is companies like Intel and Oracle are working together to bring to market new products and solutions to solve these challenges. Big Data is at the heart of these innovations that empower businesses to not only effectively manage exploding amounts of data, but also derive value from it. An example is the Oracle Big Data Appliance with Hadoop system management tools and support services from Cloudera. Running on Intel® Xeon® processors, the Oracle Big Data Appliance is a great solution to help IT organizations get ahead of the curve and stay there. In a time of transition, companies turn to innovation leaders like Intel and Oracle.

At Oracle Openworld 2012 beginning later this month, Intel’s own Diane Bryant will deliver a keynote to talk about this new era for IT. Intel will also showcase co-engineered solutions that drive intelligence throughout the data center by closely integrating storage, networking, security and compute for vastly enhanced performance and flexibility.

We hope to see you at the event.

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Tim Allen

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