Intel Chip Chat: Contemplating the Cloud

I live close to the Columbia Gorge, one of the most beautiful places in the world in my humble opinion.  From the banks of the Columbia river, green mountains rise up on both sides

…and data centers dot the landscape.  Yep, I said data centers, some of the largest ones in the world.  They’re here because of the attractive low cost of hydro-electric power, and inside these buildings data center managers are deploying the cutting edge technologies that are defining the first wave of cloud computing.  I have often wondered what exactly is going on in these massive structures, so when I recently had a chance to chat with Jason Waxman, our lead on high density data center computing, I had to ask him about the differences between these massive data centers and the typical “enterprise” data center and how public cloud data center key learnings will impact broader enterprise computing as we know it.  Jason painted a picture of future enterprise computing that while built on the core tenets of computing today (Moore’s law, industry standard technology innovation, insatiable user demand for new capabilities) the delivery of computing will look a bit different…Listen to his vision in this week's Chip Chat interview: The Future of the Cloud.

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