Intel Editor’s Day – Latin America – Brazil

I am currently sitting in PDX (Portland, Oregon) waiting for my flight to Dallas, then on to Sao Paulo, Brazil, then on to Porto Seguro, Brazil.

This is where our PR team is running an event called Intel Editor's Day (IED). This is the 3rd such event this year and I have had the pleasure of presenting Server Benchmarking at each event. The first in Mexico, the second in Costa Rica a few weeks ago. IED offers regional journalists a chance to get product information and demonstrations from Intel so they can be ready to report what they see, review, and evaluate when looking at these products in the market.

It's a team effort with these events. I am 'the server guy', yet I am carrying a few MID's and even an Atom demo card for my brethren (and sisteren?). I even have a wafer with me... something of the 45nm type. ;o)

The reason I am going is to talk with the 30+ journalists about distinguishing between client and server benchmarks. If you (the reader) don't know that there is a difference, there definitely is and you should let me know so we can offer some information for you to read about it.

My goal at IED is show a few benchmarks, talk about a few more (SPEC, TPC, etc.), and ultimately learn about how they might run these benchmarks. Education is the goal, but it goes both ways.

I'll add more when I get a chance... I have to grab a bite before getting on the plane.