Intel Goes to Vegas, Information on Demand 2010

This week in Vegas, IBM is hosting their annual Information on Demand, the premier conference for Info Management and Data Analytics enthusiasts… and Intel is a DIAMOND sponsor! The Intel Team will be actively participating in classes, hosting a couple receptions, and contributing to IBM’s executive keynote.

Myself, along with my peers at Intel, are proud to highlight our long term relationship with IBM Software Group with their recent announcement of DB2 pureScale on System x.  DB2 pureScale extends Intel’s mission critical platforms for OLTP with Unlimited Capacity, Application Transparency, and Continuous Availability on IBM System x platforms utilizing Intel Xeon processors.  Also, recent launches in data warehousing utilize Intel Xeon processors for the IBM Smart Analytics Systems 1050, 2050, and 5600, providing an integrated platform with broad analytics capabilities on a powerful warehouse foundation with IBM System x servers and storage.

Are you attending IOD this year? Check out the following session: (you can win an Atom based netbook)

  • Smarter IBM Software Meets Intelligent Intel Xeon processors, special guests from France Telecom/Orange (Mon @ 3:45)

  • Performance, Scaling, and Consolidation of IBM Smart Analytics on Intel Xeon Processor-Based platforms (Wed @ 3:15)

  • Scale-up AND Scale-out?  Have the Best of Both Worlds with Intel Xeon processors and IBM DB2 pureScale (Mon @ 1:00 and Tues @ 5:30pm)

Look for more information this week from me – including an exclusive look at the video showcased in IBM’s keynote.

Cheers, Raechel