Intel Hybrid Cloud – Is it really “Duck N Bunny Simple” to get started.

Yesterday, we had two of the Entry systems for Intel hybrid cloud hit our dock in Folsom.  We quickly opened one up and Jason walked us thru the process.

While this is good, jason & I have setup boxes a number of times, therefore we asked our newest team member (Monica) to do the same and follow the Duck N Bunny guide to see if it would work.     Let me also introduce Monica to the world, she has just moved into my team and will be driving the engagements with MSP's around the world.  She is focused on making the process easier, faster and make doing business with Intel simple.   If you see her out at events or online please say hi!.  

Here she is with the IHC box and when I asked her after for her opinion, here is what she said

"Intel Hybrid Cloud team obviously thinks of everything.   Following the set-up guide that was included in the box was just the way I like things to be:  Duck & Bunny simple! "   


IF you are interested for your MSP please go to and register.