Intel® Itanium® Processor: IEEM Casts a Vote for the Future

itc_cs_ieem_itanium_carousel_preview.jpgTo ensure prompt, accurate processing of votes, Instituto Electoral del Estado de Mexico (IEEM)  needed to streamline and modernize its IT infrastructure.  IEEM had been managing elections using two Sun Ultra* 2 servers running Solaris* 2.6 and Oracle* 8i. But the old system lacked processing power—plus, maintenance and operating system costs were prohibitively high.

IEEE moved to new HP Integrity* servers based on the Intel® Itanium® processor with the cost-effective Red Hat Linux Advanced* operating system running an Oracle* 10g database and custom election processing software.

With a smaller footprint, the new system helps reduce maintenance, power, and cooling costs. IEEE can now count election votes more quickly and reliably to ensure there are no questions about the results. The new system also lets IEEM’s 170 dispersed offices communicate reliably during elections.

“The HP Integrity* platform with [Intel] Itanium processors, from a price/performance and reliability standpoint, is far superior to the Sun and IBM alternatives we considered,” explained Pablo Carmona, head chief of IT and statistics for IEEM.

To learn more, read our new IEEM success story. As always, you can find this one, and many more, in the Reference Room and IT Center.

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