Intel Mission Critical Solutions @ Cisco Live 2011: World of Solutions

I am excited to go to my first Cisco Live in a couple of days. The show is at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas from July 11 to July 14 and it will be their largest crowd so far. 15,000 IT professionals and innovators are expected to attend. The Intel booth will have a Mission Critical Computing Theme. Intel’s booth will be full of activity with 8 demos and a completely booked speaking theatre, which will feature a plethora of topics such as the Intel Xeon processer E7 family, Intel’s tablet roadmap, Cisco CIUS and more.  Much of Cisco Live’s audience pursues new solutions and products or plans to increase their purchases. We hope to learn about their pain points and concerns so that we can address them as we move forward.

I look forward to meeting a ton of people and learning more about the end customer’s perspective! Also, it will be great to hang out with the various Intel folks around that will speak, meet with customers, and man demos and education pods.

I know that these shows can be overwhelming and that I will be busy as a floater for our demos and staffing the speaking theatre. I decided to plan ahead and come up with a list of the top three things that I MUST do at Cisco Live.

  1. Attend Healthcare Industry day.  I work on vertical co-marketing programs, and healthcare is one of our major pushes. We will start a government health IT cloud campaign at the end of the summer and we will put the building blocks in place to jointly produce a white paper with Cisco. I am particularly excited to attend Cisco Healthcare Solutions & Cloud Services session, because I will pick up a better understanding of the use of Cisco cloud services in the healthcare space
  2. Take in all of the keynotes. There is a formidable keynote line-up that I do not want to miss.  John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior and CIO Rebecca Jacoby will provide insight into the Cisco perspective. As a member of the account team, it is imperative that I understand Cisco’s interests, and this is a great way to better understand the big picture. Also, the closing keynote features William Shatner (maybe better known as Captain James T. Kirk" in the Star Trek television series or Denny Crane on the Practice!), which provides a playful end to jam-packed week.
  3. Attend the Data Center Townhall. Much of Intel’s business with Cisco is with their servers. The smarter I can get on server technology, the better!
  4. See either Cirque du Soleil or O. Okay, this is number 4 out of 3 and I won’t do this during Cisco Live hours, but I have heard much so about Cirque du Soleil that I‘d love to take the opportunity to see it