Intel Server Instrumentation on Chip Chat: Power Node Manager

While I may not have the name recognition of say, Dr. Moira Gunn or Intel Rock Star Ajay Bhatt, I did have the good fortune to be interviewed by Allyson Klein of Intel Chip Chat fame on a new Intel Intelligent Node Manager podcast.  Despite not being a syndicated technology expert nor a co-inventor of USB, Chip Chat always helps me to reach out to technology enthusiasts to let them know what is going on in the industry.

In this podcast, we discuss the next generation of Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager technology, industry adoption updates and how instrumentation is critical to improving data center efficiency in terms of both operational costs and reliability and availability.  Node Manager is really gaining momentum in terms of end user deployements and OEM/ODM support - stay tuned for more news on this around IDF in September.

Thanks for listening - I am looking forward to your thoughts and comments on this podcast and the next generation of Node Manager technology.