Intel Servers – keeping it green… I'm always looking for good ways to describe to end-users what Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager can relate to everyday activities.  Over the weekend, I was helping a buddy of mine move to a new home, and of course we rented a truck.  While we were driving, we noticed a cool gauge on the dash and a pretty simple sticker describing what it does:


Keep it in the Green - what a simple concept!  Most everyone can relate to the gas pedal in your vehicle directly with gas mileage. If you have a lead-foot, you burn more gas.  But people who want to conserve, and keep it green - use cruise control.

Well, Intel servers can also be managed to optimize the energy consumed by the platform.  Power Optimzed servers using X5500 Series Processors (Nehalem) and the X5500 chipset in conjunction with Node Manager is like cruise-control - you set your "speed" and the servers keep that maximum speed.  It's all managed via P/T states using Intel Datacenter Manager.

Of course, at times the RED ZONE is needed - work needs to get DONE - so you throttle up, kick in the Turbo Boost and release that power cap!  But there are also times when all that energy isn't needed - so you lift your foot off the gas pedal, and set your speed for the work that needs to be done. Intel Xeon based servers can transition to higher/lower power states using technologies like EIST, DBS, and Node Manager.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for more data on Intel and server power management at the Intel Developer Forum 2009

Cloud Power Management with Intel® Microarchitecture (Nehalem) Processor-based Platforms

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* disclaimer: giving credit where credit is due U-Haul owns that sticker and tagline!