Intel Shares its Data Center Vision

Last week I spent the day at the “Intel Data Center Day”, an event held in San Francisco to share Intel’s vision of the future of the data center with analysts and media.  At the event, we heard from Intel’s Diane Bryant on how Intel is innovating across the gamut of data center infrastructure to deliver a new data center model that is focused on composablility of data center services through software defined infrastructure.  While “software defined” seems to be the new industry mantra, Diane and her staff described how hardware innovation is at the core of this transformation.  Intel’s innovation targets include:

  1. Continued delivery of a full scope of server platforms that allow for workload optimized capabilities including silicon customization where appropriate.
  2. Investment in software defined infrastructure that enables broad innovation across storage and network solutions and delivers new levels of efficiency in both platform deployment and management
  3. Delivery of new rack level innovation for large scale data center environments which disaggregates compute, I/O and storage into discrete resource pools enabling rapid service delivery
  4. Innovation up the software stack to ensure applications run best on the latest generation Intel architecture platforms with specific mention on key apps that fuel the Insight Economy

With such a broad scope of innovation targets, we’ll be publishing blogs in the coming weeks that will detail specific areas of innovation as well as how these targets relate to the multiple market segments Intel serves including cloud, enterprise, HPC and telecomm providers.  We’ll also integrate feedback from the community in the series – please provide feedback on areas where you’d like to hear more.