Intel® Silicon Photonics at IDF 2014

Posted by: Mario Paniccia, Intel Fellow and General Manager, Silicon Photonics Solutions Group

Intel Developer Forum starts today and I must say that I am excited about the event because of several things we will be doing around Silicon Photonics.

First, I will be giving a class on Tuesday, September 9, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM titled “Intel Silicon Photonics: A New Era of Scalable Bandwidth. In the class I will give an update on what Silicon Photonics is and why it is important to the data center. I will also talk about why the industry needs 100Gbps and the challenges for such. In addition, we will have some of our customers come up and talk about their solutions. We will also give an update on the new MXC optical connector (MXC* Optical Connector) and the CLR4 Alliance (100G CLR4 Alliance). I encourage everyone who is interested to attend.

More importantly, if you come by the Silicon Photonics Community on the show floor, you will see 7 companies showing solutions that use Intel® Silicon Photonics. I am excited, as this is our customers talking about how silicon photonics enables innovative new solutions. Here are the customers in the Silicon Photonics Community:

  • Arista: Showing Network Products with 100G Intel Silicon Photonics
  • Advantech: Showing Network Security Appliance with 100G Intel Silicon Photonics
  • Altera: Showing FPGAs with embedded 100G Intel Silicon Photonics
  • Corning: Showing the breadth of innovative MXC optical cable technology, along with 100G Intel Silicon Photonics running over a 300m+ distance
  • Fujitsu: Showing an Application-Optimized Server that enables pooled resources capability provided by Intel Silicon Photonics optical PCI
  • Quanta: Showing a 100G TOR switch and server with 100G Intel Silicon Photonics
  • Tabula: Showing a functional demo with 800Gbps of interconnectivity in one box, based on 100G Intel Silicon Photonics

It should be a big learning experience for everyone interested in high bandwidth interconnectivity, and what type of new solutions are possible with Intel Silicon Photonics.

Hope to see you at the show.