Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series: Cutting Power Consumption for Hennecke


It’s easy for medium-sized companies to be caught up in IT complexity as they add systems to keep up with demands for processing power and storage. Virtualization is the ideal way to simplify IT and make the data center a driver for enterprise efficiency. Hennecke, a leader in processing equipment for polyurethane, recently put this lesson into practice.

Known for its technological innovation, Hennecke wanted to create a modern and environmentally sustainable IT infrastructure.

“Thanks to our virtualized Dell PowerEdge servers with Energy Smart technology and Intel® Xeon® processor 5520, we have reduced our server count by one-third, cutting power consumption by approximately 30 percent,” explained Peter Ruttka, network and server systems administrator for Hennecke. “This is important not just because it lowers our costs, but because it strengthens our standing as an environmentally aware manufacturer.”

For the whole story, read our new Hennecke case study.  As always, you can find this one, and many more, in the Reference Room and IT Center.