Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 Series Helps Grundfos Group Cut Costs by 20% and Carbon Emissions by 1,600 Tons

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To increase efficiency and centralize operations, Denmark’s Grundfos Group wanted to standardize on a single IT platform across its 200 sites. The existing infrastructures included proprietary systems, which were complex and expensive to run.

The project team created a standards-based infrastructure that featured rack and blade servers from Dell based on Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 series. This new infrastructure has made it quicker and easier to roll out new environments and Grundfos Group estimates the consolidated platform will save more than DKK 1 million in energy costs—lowering carbon emissions by around 700 tons in Denmark and 1,600 tons globally. It’s also enabled the company to reduce its IT costs by around 20 percent per end user. Finally, the new infrastructure has enabled Grundfos Group to provide consistent customer support across more than 45 countries.

“We quickly decided to adopt a standards-based rather than a proprietary solution because we gained the same high performance but with lower maintenance costs,” explains Karsten Sørensen, group vice president for Grundfos Group.

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