Introducing Huawei and Nimbula Cloud Builders RAs

When we launched our Cloud Builders community in Oct 2010, we had about 20 cloud builders reference architectures. Since then we have been adding several new reference architectures to our reference architecture library. One quick primer. Lets see if some one can answer "what is in a reference architecture?" Hint: You will find the answer in the Cloud Builders Reference Architecture Library page

The reason for this blog is to introduce our brand new RAs - Huawei and Nimbula. Let me go over each in detail:

Huawei: Huawei SingleCLOUD* solution is designed for the cloud computing data centers. Using SingleCLOUD solution, Cloud Service Providers can construct network-based office environments which provide “pay as you go” server and storage services for enterprises, especially for small and medium enterprises. This reference architecture discusses the Huawei SingleCLOUD solution optimized on Intel Xeon® processor-based platforms and describes how to implement a base-solution to build a more elastic and complex environment of cloud computing.

Nimbula: Based on Nimbula’s Cloud Operating Sytems, Nimbula Director allows customers to efficiently manage both on- and off-premise resources by transforming under-utilized private data centers into easily configurable compute capacity and providing controlled access to extern clouds. For this paper, Nimbula and Intel have worked together to prototype a private cloud computing test bed running a private cloud on a cluster of 12 Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers. Using the Nimbula Director API, via the command line as well as the Web-based interface, accounts were created based on organization hierarchies, assigned appropriate permissions to users and groups, monitored and managed resources, demonstrated the elastic nature of resource scaling, and configured the use of cloud federation to enable bursting into external cloud during times of high demand.

Visit the ever growing reference architecture library to learn more about these RAs. Also please visit the Fellow Travellers page to learn more about these partners.

Stay tuned to hear from me on the new RAs that we will be announcing soon