Is Consolidation Really a Goal?

I just finished reading the update to the Intel IT Data Center Strategy paper in the IT@Intel Community.  What stood out to me was that despite being able to reduce data center count from 150 to 97 in the last two years, Intel IT’s strategy is not to focus on data center consolidation as a goal, but rather a tactic.

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In the new Intel IT strategy, Data Center consolidation is no longer the goal, but rather a tactic for efficiency while ensuring service optimization. Rationalization and Optimization of all aspects of operations are covered from the compute, network, storage to the facility and more.

Another fact that I learned in reading this paper was how Intel IT divides up their data center types (Design, Office, Manufacturing, Enterprise) and manages them differently.  I was not aware that the Office/Enterprise environment uses only three (of the 97 total) data centers. 

So, for your business and IT organization, Is Consolidation …

  • a Goal?
  • a Strategy?
  • a Tactic?