It Takes a Village to Accelerate Big Data Analytics Adoption

Today’s enterprises are adept at capturing and storing huge amounts of data. While that alone is an accomplishment, it’s the easy part of a much harder problem. The real challenge is to turn those mountains of data into meaningful insights that enhance competitiveness.

Business analysts at enterprises today are hampered by the lack of domain-specific and customizable applications based on big data analytics. App developers are slowed by the complexity of the big data infrastructure and the lack of analytic functions for which they depend on. And data scientists, in turn, are challenged by the time it takes to build handcrafted models. The models are re-coded for production and rarely reused, slowing down their deployment and update.

This is a problem not for any one company to solve but for the entire community to address and the new Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) was built to help do this. This open source platform, developed by Intel and our ecosystem partners, enables data scientists and app developers to deploy predictive models faster on a shared big data analytics platform.

The platform provides an end-to-end solution with a data layer optimized for performance and security, an analytics layer with a built-in data science toolkit, and an application layer that includes a managed runtime environment for cloud-native apps. Collectively, the capabilities of the Trusted Analytics Platform will make it much easier for developers and data scientists to collaborate by providing a shared, flexible environment for advanced analytics in public and private clouds.

And this brings us to a new collaborative effort with cloud service providers that will leverage the Trusted Analytics Platform to accelerate the adoption of big data analytics. Intel has formed a strategic collaboration with to accelerate the adoption of big data analytics solutions with TAP and on’s infrastructure., based in France, is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud service providers in Europe and is the first service provider that we have announced collaborating with.

Through this partnership, announced at the OVH Summit in Paris this week, the two companies will work together to optimize infrastructure for the best performance per workload and security while leveraging new Intel technologies to grow and differentiate services.

At a broader level, partnerships like these reflect Intel’s long-running commitment to bring new cloud technologies to market and help our customers streamline and speed their path to deployment. We are deeply committed to working with partners like to accelerate the adoption of big data technologies and further Intel’s mission of enabling every organization to unlock intelligence from big data.

To further fuel big data solutions, and Intel are collaborating on a “big data challenge” to pilot the development of solutions using the new Trusted Analytics Platform. Here’s how the challenge works:

  • Submit your big data analytics challenge via by Oct 24th, 2015.
  • OVH and Intel will select up to three innovative big data use cases and help the winners develop and deploy their solutions with the Trusted Analytics Platform on managed hosting.
  • The selected innovators will receive free hosting for the pilot period and be featured in global big data conferences next year.

Or if you’re a data scientist or a developer who wants to capitalize on the TAP platform, visit to get the tools you need to accelerate the creation of cloud-native applications driven by big data analytics.