Justifying legacy? I can but can a business?

We all have an attachment to legacy…

I have one myself.  A 25 year old sports car I adore to drive and to take care of.  It is the mighty legacy of the car’s history carries that makes it meaningful for me to own.  It may require more attention and cost to maintain than the cars sold today with the latest technologies.  But the additional cost of ownership very much makes sense to me as it is the hobby I love. 

In my work, I also see other examples of those attached to legacy.  I talk to people attached to mainframes and RISC/UNIX technologies, legacy technologies.  IT managers pay extra to keep legacy up and running.  It is not cheap to run mainframes and RISC/UNIX platforms.  How are they justifying the extra cost required?  I’m sure they use a different justification than my keeping a beaten up car running.  It’s not a hobby for them. 

I’ve come to this question since it is no longer true that mainframes and RISC/UNIX platforms are the only choice for enterprise workloads, even for the ones most important to businesses.  Increasingly, Linux and Intel architecture technology alternatives are accepted to run such business critical workloads.  Why?  Because they are both capable and cost effective.  Enterprises always are seeking to operate at the most efficient cost structure as possible, and today’s economy makes this even more important. Hence the choice.  Cost justification only gets easier. 

I joined a small team of Red Hat and Intel employees, working on highlighting all of the ways that Red Hat/ Intel technologies do wonders for enterprise workloads.  We continually ask the question is it still acceptable for an enterprise to pay extra for the legacy.  We ask what is it that Red Hat/ Intel technology combo lacks inhibiting replacement of legacy platforms.  We ask how do we change the perception so that we accelerate adoption of Linux and Intel technologies in enterprise datacenters. 

Our studies uncovered a major opportunity for consideration of RHEL running on Intel platforms as the choice for workloads conventionally ran on RISC/UNIX.  We recently delivered two webinars which you can download here: 

April 28 webinar:  https://jboss.webex.com/jboss/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=34561582&rKey=4622272C3CAF908A

May 14 webinar:  https://jboss.webex.com/jboss/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=34623362&rKey=EAAA254FB353DA23

Anyone interested in the topic, go explore our web site, http://www.redhat.com/intelligence/, which is still in early stage.  We will be adding content as we move forward.  Download webinar contents just delivered and learn how Red Hat and Intel are teaming up. 

I am encouraging Red Hat team also to participate in this community.  . 

More to come…