KL Is In the Clouds with Intel® Xeon® Processor 7500 Series

Can cloud computing really deliver? That was the question for KL, a Danish local government organization that represents the interests of 98 municipalities and their 800,000 employees. KL was working under strict government mandates that required it to improve data center energy efficiency by 15 percent a year and bring all public services online by 2015.

Looking to launch multiple clouds to host new online services, KL benchmarked the new Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series to evaluate its performance muscle and see how viable it was for supporting cloud services and meeting the stringent energy-efficiency targets.

The result? Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series provided a 65 percent performance increase over the previous generation of Intel® Xeon® processors and a virtualization ratio of 20:1 and reduced power consumption by about 15 percent—all of which helped make KL’s decision easy. It’s now rolled out servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor 7500 series to help it launch multiple clouds.

What's your cloud computing strategy? To learn more about KL's, read their new success story. As always, you can find this one and many others in the Intel.com Reference Room and IT Center.