Let’s Get Real About the Cloud

As a principal architect in Enterprise Solution Sales (ESS), I understand the business challenges that are likely to slow down adoption of various elements of the cloud computing ecosystem. Those are the issues I’ll be discussing in my posts featured on Data Center Knowledge (DCK), a daily news and analysis website for the data center industry.

My first post establishes context for the discussions to follow and briefly touches on the need for a formal cloud solutions framework with a promise to reveal a detailed cloud transformation/maturity framework strategy as the topic develops. I believe my architect-based candidness about the cloud is different from anything else you’re hearing in the industry. By taking an architect’s approach to the enterprise business challenge, I’m hoping to offer a new perspective that’s refreshing (and maybe even a bit controversial).

Please join in the discussion. My posts will appear about every other week on DCK.  Go checkout my first post on cloud computing - Let's Get Real About the Cloud...