Machine Data Revealed: Uncover the Hidden Gems You Never Knew You Had

You are sitting on a goldmine of information, but finding the treasure inside the streams of data has not been a good use of company resource.  Not until now.  Splunk Enterprise delivers critical insight from machine data and Intel can further boost the performance of Splunk to bring actionable insights to light faster.

Splunk is the industry leader in data analysis and effectively closes the market gap in the traditionally under-utilized machine data.  Splunk Enterprise unlocks intelligence from the massive streams of machine data generated by IT systems and infrastructure - physical, virtual, and the cloud.  Acting as your virtual gold pan, Splunk sifts through data to reveal valuable insights such as business trends or customer behavior.  Data becomes searchable, reportable, visualized, and analyzed from one place.

Machine data presents its own unique challenges.  User devices generate data so big and so vast that the task of analyzing it has been an insurmountable resource-drain.  Many systems are in place to analyze, manage, and monitor other big data, but they are simply not engineered to structure or deliver the volume and variety of machine-generated data.  The industry demands a better way for IT departments to manage, secure, and audit data. Splunk teamed up with Intel to transform this goldmine of unused data into something highly visible and extremely useful.  

However, uncovered data quickly loses its value if it takes months or even weeks to get into your hands.  The latest generation of Intel Xeon processors and Intel Solid-State Drives (SSD) storage delivers impressive improvements in data delivery time.  Splunk and Intel combined to test this collaborative approach to machine data analysis. The results were a bit staggering.  They found that upgrading from previous generation Intel Xeon processors Intel SSD DC S3700 series significantly increased delivery and I/O speeds.

The beautiful togetherness Splunk Enterprise and Intel architecture delivers just the platform to uncover the precious gems of under-used machine data.

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