May 2014 Intel Chip Chat and Digital Nibbles Podcast Round-up

In May, Chip Chat continued archiving livecast episodes from Mobile World Congress with episodes from Brocade (virtualized routers) and Dell (optimizing OpenStack* for telcos), as well as an episode introducing Intel DCM: Service Assurance Manager, which allows SPs to create multitenant environments and utilize SLAs. We’ve also got an episode covering Intel’s SDI vision for the data center. And this month, the Digital Nibbles Podcast pulls out a couple of “best of” episodes while our hosts are on sabbatical and/or traveling. First up is an episode from 2013 with Harper Reed, the former CTO of Obama for America, who discusses using big data analytics to engage voters. In our second episode, DNP’s favorite cyborg anthropologist, Amber Case, talks about how technology is evolving and, more than ever, becoming a part of us. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming podcast, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

Intel® Chip Chat:

  • A Vision for Software Defined Infrastructure – Intel® Chip Chat episode 312: John Healy, the General Manager of the SDN Division at Intel, stops by to talk about the company’s vision for a software defined infrastructure. In a software defined infrastructure datacenter, the compute, network, and storage become pools of assets that can be combined on a per service basis. To fully realize this vision, three things need to happen: 1. Abstract functionality from underlying hardware, 2. Develop the ability for centralized control of all resources, and 3. Orchestration of all resources so they can be programmed on an on-demand basis. For more information, visit
  • Live from Mobile World Congress: Virtual Routers with Brocade – Intel® Chip Chat episode 313: In this archive of a livecast, Kelly Herrell, the VP & GM of the Software Networking Business Unit at Brocade, stops by to talk about the company’s Vyatta virtual routers and how they fit an overall NFV strategy. Vyatta routers offer dynamic routing, Policy-Based Routing (PBR), stateful firewall, VPN support, and traffic management in a platform that is optimized for virtualized environments. Cloud service providers have been the first adopters of networking as a service, but the real proof points will come from telco operators looking to alleviate choked pipes from the explosion of mobile traffic on their networks. For more information, visit
  • Live from MWC: The Intel® Data Plane Development Kit – Intel® Chip Chat episode 314: In this archive of a livecast, Jim St Leger (@intel_jim), a Technology Marketing Manager at Intel, stops by to talk about the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit. Intel® DPDK is a set of plane libraries and network interface controller drivers for fast packet processing on Intel® architecture platforms, allowing an increased throughput of packet workloads of up to 10 – 25x. This solution is ideal for telecom wireless infrastructure evolved packet core (EPC) applications and other network elements. For more information, visit
  • Intel® DCM: Service Assurance Administrator – Intel® Chip Chat episode 315: Billy Cox, the GM of Service Assurance Management at Intel, stops by to talk about the launch of a product, the Intel® Datacenter Manager: Service Assurance Administrator. SAA enables IT managers and service providers to create multitenant environments and implement SLAs. SAA monitoring, remediation, reporting, and management capabilities bring the trust attestation, performance, availability, and portability enterprises require. For more info, visit
  • Live from MWC: Optimizing OpenStack* for the Telco Industry – Intel® Chip Chat episode 316: In this archive of a livecast, Franklin Flint (@franklinatdell), the Global Telecommunications Strategist & Marketing Director for Dell OEM Solutions, stops by to talk about Dell and Red Hat working together to develop a version of OpenStack that is highly optimized for carrier networks. It is a truly open source version, addressing the network function layer and lowering the barrier to entry to ensure that customers end up with the most choice. For more information, visit and

Digital Nibbles Podcast:

  • Best of DNP: Using Big Data to Engage Voters – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 57: With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting Harper Reed (@harper), the CTO of Obama for America, who stopped by the show in March 2013 to talk about big data and utilizing technology (smartphones, Websites, social media) to engage voters. He and his team received tremendous credit for helping win the election through use of scalable cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services*) combined with a cutting edge big data engine that helped pinpoint everything from ad buys to volunteer engagement. It’s a great test case for how technology is transforming society.
  • Best of DNP: Interacting with Technology – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 58: With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting an episode with Amber Case: Have you ever thought about your tablet as a cave painting? Facebook as a virtual reality? The distribution of parchment writing as the very first Internet? This week’s Digital Nibbles is a wide-ranging discussion with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case (@caseorganic) touching on technology trends and how they relate to society. And how, more than ever, technology is becoming a part of you.