Meet The Intel IT Architects and Engineers Behind the Intel Private Cloud

On December 22 at 11am PST, Das Kamhout and Greg Bunce will join me for a live IT focused panel discussion about delivering on-demand self-service provisioning for a private cloud computing environment.

Intel IT has set out to implement a enterprise private cloud with the goal of improving business agility as well as infrastructure efficiency. A promise of cloud computing is "infinite and immediate" resources available to business users and developers.  This sounds great on paper.  The reality is that compute resources are not infinite however, through newly defined business processes and innovative IT tools, businesses can benefit from improved agility and efficiency.

The Intel IT team has improved time to service delivery from 90 days to 14 days and now we are measuring application service delivery time in a matter of hours.  My fellow authors of the paper "Implementing On-Demand Services Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud" will share their insights and answer your questions.

If you miss the panel discussion, live you can get access to a replay also.

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