Migrate with confidence – AIX to RHEL

Products going EOL – forced to pay more for services or forced to upgrade to the current rev of platforms – with fee, performance suffers, inefficient servers, uncertainty in roadmap, cost continues to go up…very common feedback from customers using proprietary RISC/UNIX platforms.  Everybody understands this and vendors from OEMs to SIs and VARs are offering services to provide the most efficient ways to migrate.  For this particular problem, Intel is the platform of choice.  It’s a win-win, customers obtain higher performance, efficiency, and better cost structure in server investments, and service providers make money off the services provided.  This will continue as long as the problem is there and the team of Intel and Red Hat are committed to continue providing a solution in this space.

Especially with greater roadmap uncertainty, customers’ urgency was more on Oracle/Sun SPARC/Solaris platforms, so we worked with customers to immediately start tackling on the problem and get the customers to performance increase and cost saving mode instead of trapped in stagnating performance and cost increase mode.

Red Hat’s Solaris to RHEL Strategic Migration Planning Guide worked well to provide a framework to get the migration project going.

The same Intel and RHEL principle also applies to AIX environment.  Increasingly customers are interested and started moving from AIX to Intel/RHEL.  Like it was for Solaris, Red Hat is now making the AIX to RHEL Strategic Migration Planning Guide available for download.

Intel is teaming up with Red Hat to deliver migration guidance via workshops.  We are scheduling to visit the following cities in the upcoming weeks.  Please contact your Intel and/or Red Hat sales teams for more details and how to register for the workshops.

Dates                          Location

July 20, 2010            Dallas, TX

July 21, 2010            Las Vegas, NV

August 12, 2010       Washington, DC