Mission Critical Innovation Award: See the finalists!

The Mission Critical Innovations Award Celebration is fast upon us. On November 28 in Vienna, Austria, the winners for this worldwide IT competition on groundbreaking work in mission-critical computing solutions will be revealed.

As the world progresses, each day the dependence on critical IT infrastructures becomes more apparent. Our tolerance on downtime and interruptions continues to decrease. This innovation award will showcase some of the best solutions in mission critical IT in removing some of the biggest obstacles in high-end computing as well as enlighten us to new and creative ways to solve new and old problems alike.

There are many excellent submissions this year, and the competition, sponsored by Intel and HP, is judged by an independent panel using a scorecard that considered results produced, cost/benefit, difficulty of problem addressed, and originality of the solution. Here are the 4 key categories:

Mission Critical Data  -

Recognizes the success organizations have delivered by implementing a database, data warehousing, or line-of-business solutions.

Finalists:  CMC Limited, Flughafen Wien (Vienna International Airport), and Gravic / Royal Bank of Canada.

Converged Data Centre -

Recognizes RISC migrations from a proprietary environment to an industry standard, best-of-breed capability based environment, and/or utilizing blade servers for mission-critical computing.

Finalists: PinkRoccade (Dutch), RI-Solution, and Steelcase.

Humanitarian/Environmental Impact -

Recognizes an organization that is making a considerable, positive impact upon society or the environment.

Finalists: Enagas, Purvis Systems, University Health Hospitals.

Best New Application  -

Highlights the software solutions being developed that best fulfill an industry need.

Finalists: EnterpiseDB, Lusis, and Secure64

Details of the finalist solutions can be accessed on the Mission Critical Innovation Award website.

On behalf of Intel, congratulations to all the finalists! You can find the full list from HP.  If you follow IT solutions, you don't want to miss out on learning about some of the most innovative solutions the industry has to offer. Stay tuned to this blog, and on HP’s Mission-Critical Computing Blog to see which of these worthy finalists take home the top prizes in Vienna!

- Lawrence