My 100th Chip Chat – Dadi in the house

I wrote last week about prepping for my 100th episode at the Intel Developer Forum.  I'm winding down my IDF, and what a busy IDF it was.  Chip Chat was on the scene interviewing technologists for episodes coming out over the next few weeks (hints on content - unified connectivity for the data center, and user experience and mission critical computing oh my!).  But the featured conversation was my chance to sit down with Dadi Perlmutter and discuss his history in the computing industry as well as how he sees the future.  Dadi runs Intel's IAG group. IA stands for Intel basically Dadi is responsible for delivery of all of our products. And to put into context how much influence Dadi has had to computing, he's the guy who was behind Centrino.  You've probably heard of that.  He also was the guy who could be argued to be behind Atom...kind of a big deal as well.  Dadi is a guy who thinks bigger than most and has the chops to back up these big thoughts with society transforming innovation.  I was very curious to hear about what inspired these designs as well as what he thought about what was coming next.

As I mentioned, we had a lot of great conversations at IDF.  If you'd like to ensure you don't miss an episode sign up for an RSS feed of the program, follow us on Twitter @intelchipchat and on Facebook at  And feel free to comment on the episodes - I would love your feedback.