Nehalem Servers: An Early Christmas?

Last week I read Shannon’s blog about an “unmarketable server” - I got a real and personal taste of the power of this new product last week. I had the opportunity to interview two customers for a video that will be available when we introduce this product in the coming weeks. These customers had access to early hardware and shared their testing results and perspectives of this new product. The information was eye-opening for me.

As I flew back home on Saturday, I was reminded of how I felt as a kid getting ready for Christmas. When I was young, I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning so I could open up my presents and play with my new toys all day long. That is the way I feel with the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 series (codename Nehalem) about to launch later this quarter – I can’t wait.

In short (and I have to save the details for the video because I’m required to by non-disclosure), these customers are moving forward with plans to invest in new server technology because of the dramatic performance and energy efficiency gains that a technology refresh can provide them. Both of these customers are seeking a competitive advantage in their respective businesses and despite the economy, they see prioritized investment in new server technology as a means to enhance their services, reduce costs, streamline efficiency and better support their customers.

When I asked the question about economic conditions and the relative importance of buying new technology today for their business – the customers did not blink – investing in new server technology and refreshing aging servers is of critical importance to their business.

It was clear to me that these customers are looking forward to an early Christmas this year with the introduction of Xeon 5500 servers.

Stay tuned to Intel’s online server community for more information.