Network World Article Highlights Advances in iWARP Specification

The industry continues to advance the iWARP specification for RDMA over Ethernet, first ratified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2007.

This article in Network World, “iWARP Update Advances RDMA over Ethernet for Data Center and Cloud Networks,” co-authored by myself and Wael Noureddine of Chelsio Communications, describes two new extensions that have been added to help software developers of RDMA code by aligning iWARP more tightly with RDMA technologies that are based on the InfiniBand network and transport, i.e., InfiniBand itself and RoCE. By bringing these technologies into alignment, we move closer toward the goal of the Open Fabrics Alliance, that the application developer need not concern herself with which of these is the underlying network technology -- RDMA will "just work" on all.

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