New Forms of Data & New Graphical Analytics: Putting Data to Work Just Got Easier

Big picture perspective is important when the subject is big data, and that’s what you find at the O'Reilly Strata Conference, held February 11-13 in Santa Clara. It’s a bright spot in my tradeshow schedule: an event where tech leaders mostly step back from commercial concerns to discuss the social, scientific and cultural ramifications of technology, particularly in the realm of big data. Strata Conference provides an opportunity to address the promise and the perils of our ever more connected world.

Intel has teed up some thought-provoking sessions and keynote addresses—be sure to register early. In the past year, Intel has taken enormous strides toward delivering an end-to-end enterprise platform for big data, extending from hardware and software to wearable technology and on to research in such fields as healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. And now the discussion increasingly focuses on using the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* as an enterprise platform for analytics, particularly for graph processing. Our recently announced Graph Builder and analytics toolkit provides a highly visual form of analysis that’s particularly effective for pulling insights out of Web content, social media, images, system and call logs, and data from the Internet of Things.

Don’t miss these Strata keynotes and sessions on the freshest topics in big data research:

  • A Datacenter OS for a Data-Rich Society (9:10am, Feb. 13, Mission City Ballroom). Join Boyd Davis, vice president in the Data Center Group and general manager of the Datacenter Software Division at Intel, for a look into the future of data center-scale and open-source operating environments. Boyd’s keynote address will discuss how enterprises can use new sources of data and advanced analytics tools such as graph processing and machine learning to enhance operational intelligence and foster discovery and innovation.
  • Friending Graph Analytics: Large-Scale Graph Processing Made Easy (2:40pm, Feb. 12, Ballroom AB). Dr. Ted Willke, principal engineer with Intel and general manager of the Graph Analytics Operation in Intel Labs, discusses how a new generation of graph analytics solutions can help the enterprise unlock powerful insights into unexpected and unknown relationships in social media and massive data workflows.
  • Scale Invariant Intelligence (10:40am, Feb 13, Ballroom H). Vin Sharma, open source business strategist at Intel, describes how Intel’s end-to-end reference architectures for distributed intelligence build on open source software such as Apache Hadoop*, Lustre* and GraphBuilder* to provide real-world intelligence wherever data lives.

Please seek @TimIntel out at the conference as I tweet man-on-the-street impressions so we can exchange tweets, MTs & RTs. Follow Tim and the Big Data community for Intel at @TimIntel & @IntelHadoop.

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