New Itanium-based Servers Launching

Several server system vendors are rolling out new Itanium systems that incorporate the latest Intel Itanium processor family member; the Intel Itanium Processor 9300 Series. I'd like to congratulate HP on the recent launch of its completely revamped Integrity server system line-up. HP in late April announced the most extensive re-tuning to date of their Itanium-based Integrity product family. There's been a great deal of interest about HP's new products from industry press, analysts and IT customers.

The new HP Integrity systems are built on HP's BladeSystem Infrastructure, with a new Blade Scale Architecture that simplifies the deployment and management of a number of blades in one enclosure. Even the highest performing HP Integrity server system, Superdome, is taking advantage of HP's new converged infrastructure, moving from a tower configuration to blades that plug into a blade chassis. Now customers will be able to take advantage of the legendary scalability and reliability of Itanium-powered HP Superdome 2 systems in a more flexible and manageable blade form factor. Now that's real innovation and value.

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