New Platform from Lenovo – AMT on SERVERS

Hi all,

I've just recently changed jobs from the client world (Intel vPro Technology) to the Server domain at Intel.  One of the first exciting platforms I've been able to check out is coming out today and I wanted to take a moment and share this out.   This new platform is from Lenovo, it's a TS200v (shown below)

TS200v Image.jpg

Here is what I found late last night on PC mag -,2817,2360212,00.asp talking about the features & capabilities.  For me this answers a question that I have received for the last 5 years.  "When is AMT going to hit workstations/servers?"  Well the time is now, the time is today.

Check out Lenovo's post -

If you want to read more on AMT 6.0, here's the developer link that talks about the features -

However nothing's complete with out a video..   Check out Jason D & I scoping this out in my new lab..


Oh wait. it's not a Workstation..  It's a SERVER!!!!