No cloud in the sky? Not a problem. We will create our own!

你好! Ni Hao! What a beautiful day here in Beijing at Day 0 of Intel Developer Forum!! Not a single cloud in the sky... Not a problem! We will make our own clouds with Intel Cloud Builders Program After an outstanding success at the USA Day in the Cloud event, I am here at the Day in the Cloud PRC event where a number of local Press Analysts and local cloud vendors are getting together to demonstrate the Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architectures. A great collaboration from our cloud builders partners in bringing this event together. The event highlighted how we, along with key industry advocates, are delivering on a cloud computing strategy of “Listen to customers --> Deliver technologies --> Develop the ecosystem.”  Some of the reference architectures that are being demoed today include several regional vendors, Fujitsu, Inspur, Huawei, Neusoft, Lenovo, PowerLeader and global vendors including VMware, Microsoft, Dell and Enomaly.  The goal of each of these refererence architectures are to help customers deploy their cloud by taking a set of use cases and solve a specific customer problem like power management, secure client access and building a cloud infrastruture. Any questions on what is in a reference architecture? Listen to my Conversations in the Cloud podcast for more information.

The event was kicked off by Jason Waxman, General Manager for High Density Computing. Jason highlighted the importance of this event where several partners are getting together to demonstrate how to address the problems of building and deploying a cloud infrastructure. He articulated our Cloud Vision 2015 around being federated—sharing data securely across public and private clouds; automated—so IT can focus on innovation and less on management; and client aware—optimizing services based on device capability to enable a secure and consistent experience across the IA-based compute continuum. He reinforced the value of the Open Data Center Alliance, with a membership of over 100 companies; they are focused on creating a usage model roadmap to set requirements for inter-operable data center solutions

Here are the details of each of the reference architectures being demonstrated today:


Build Real Clouds with Enomaly ECP and Dell: The Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform Service Provider Edition (ECP SPE) running on top of Dell based hardware built on Intel® Xeon® processors form an ideal platform for high-density and multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. When IT architects combine scalable Dell systems, efficient Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, and ECP SPE, they can support very large clouds with many thousands of servers in complex designs. This reference architecture will help IT professionals to quickly achieve the benefits of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in very large organizations. It will be of most interest to organizations with unique, cloud-ready workloads that need to remain under close control. Check out Rueven Cohen, CTO of Enomaly Inc's blog to learn more about Enomaly cloud products.

Simplify Cloud Deployments with Fujitsu Primergy CX100 and VMware vCloud* Director:This Fujitsu Dynamic Cloud reference architecture is built on the PRIMERGY CX1000, an innovative scale-out cloud server infrastructure platform that allows companies to scale big by packaging 38 industry-standard x86 server nodes, based on Intel® Xeon® processor technology, into a dedicated datacenter rack with shared cooling architecture and a small footprint. PRIMERGY CX1000 optimizes the data center density, power consumption and heat dissipation problems in a one step approach with its innovative shared cooling architecture, Cool-Central*. This architecture enables companies to see significant reduction in energy consumption and dramatic savings in data center space, thus removing the strong inhibitors for cloud data center setup. VMware vCloud Director works with this solution to provide the interface, automation, and management features that allow enterprises and service providers to supply vSphere resources as a Web-based service.

Check out this awesome hardware with preconfigured vCloud stack being demonstrated today!

Accelerate to the Cloud with Huawei SingleCLOUD: Huawei SingleCLOUD* solution is designed for the cloud computing data centers of Cloud Service Providers and enterprise customers. Based on the SingleCLOUD solution, Cloud Service Providers construct network-based office environments which provide “pay as you go” server and storage services for enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises. This reference architecture discusses the Huawei SingleCLOUD solution optimized on Intel Xeon® processor-based platforms and describes how to implement a base-solution to build a more elastic and complex environment of cloud computing.

Efficient power management with Neusoft Aclome Cloud:Neusoft Aclome* provides a complete cloud computing solution for enterprise IT infrastructure, enabling customers to receive the benefits of the cloud without too much additional work to build and validate the solution. This reference architecture provides a step by step guide to build a cloud and optimzie power management using Neusoft Aclome and Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager.

Simplify your private cloud deployments with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Power Leader Rack Servers: For cloud service providers, hosters and enterprise IT organizations who are looking to build their own cloud infrastructure, the decision to use a cloud for the delivery of IT services is best done by starting with the knowledge and experience gained from previous work. This reference architecture outlines a private cloud setup using Windows Server, Hyper-V* and the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal* 2.0 (VMMSSP) on the Powerleader Power-Rack* (PR) Series Servers, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor. VMMSSP is a free, partner-extensible portal that enables private cloud and IT as a Service with Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. With the portal, customers and partners can dynamically pool, allocate, and manage resources to offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Policy based Power Management with Dell and VMware: VMware vSphere* and Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager (Intel Node Manager), integrated by using Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel DCM), extend the ability of cloud and virtualization resource management engines. This solution reduces total cost of ownership by enabling users to monitor and cap power in real time at the server, rack, zone, and data center levels. This reference architecture details how the use of Intel Node Manager, Intel DCM and VMware vSphere on Dell* PowerEdge* servers yielded power savings through the deactivation of unnecessary hosts and the migration of workloads to fewer servers during periods of low resource utilization. It will be of most interest to administrators and enterprise IT professionals who seek power management solutions to achieve better power efficiency within new or existing data centers.

Client-aware Cloud Demo with Lenovo and Stoneware: Lenovo and their ISV partner Stoneware along with Intel have collaborated to enable platform optimized delivery of cloud services.  Secure cloud access (SCA) is based on a balanced approach to delivery of cloud services that takes advantage of the intelligent infrastructure enabled by Intel end to end cloud solutions.  Together with Lenovo and Intel, Stoneware has enabled their application detect compute, context and capabilities of ThinkPad and ThinkCentre platforms based on 2nd Generation Intel Core and Core vPro Processors .  Equipped with this information, users can dynamically optimize service delivery based on the ability to execute all or some portion of the application in either the cloud data center or on the end point device.

Design and deploy a cloud with Inspur Vertical Cloud: “Inspur Vertical Cloud” is focused on addressing the specific requirements defined and maintained by a particular vertical business or a group of businesses in the same vertical segment. This reference architecture is focused on helping industry partners to build cloud platforms that meet the basic needs of  the vertical customers, so that the cloud solutions will be simplified, energy efficient, secured, and intelligent. It will allow users to easily access cloud services provided by such cloud platforms and enjoy the full benefit of cloud computing.

Dont worry if you are not at the event. We will be posting more information on the demos on the Intel Day in the Cloud website.  To learn more about each of these reference architectures being demostrated today, please visit the Intel Cloud Builders reference architecture library.

Signing off from Beijing! Have a great time at Intel Developer Forum! 再见 zài jiàn!