Open Cloud Markets – A chat with Enomaly’s Reuven Cohen

There are moments when the light bulb just goes on and an  awareness passes over me that says “innovation is here”.  The first time I  played Zork on an Apple IIe…my first Prodigy first Blackberry (and  the love of mobile that ensued).  Moments that said that the way my world  worked was going to change because of technology…in a good way.  I had one  of these at IDF last fall when I saw a demonstration of a tool that allowed  data center managers to dynamically access compute power in an open market  environment…and other data centers sell excess capacity in the same  market.  Imagine a world where workloads could be dynamically allocated to  data centers across the globe based on a variety of attributes including  bandwidth capability, cost, and platform requirements.  Pretty cool huh? I  walked away impressed wondering who came up with this interesting idea.

Well, wonder no more my friends. The guy behind this great  idea and many others is none other than Enomaly’s Reuven Cohen (his twitter  followers call him @ruv)  Reuven is the brains behind Enomaly’s recent  rise to cloud start-up darling.  I got a chance to chat with Reuven about  his idea of an open cloud market, now called Enomaly’s Spot Cloud solution as  well as their more established Elastic Computing Platform.  Check out the latest Conversations in the Cloud.