OpenStack Summit Underscores the Power of Collaboration

OpenStack Summit Paris is in the books, and the 8,000+ attendees have scattered back home after an excellent week of collaboration.

While I’ve written previously (on day one and on day two) about enterprise and telco uptake of OpenStack, the conference continues to be a source of broad collaboration across members of the OpenStack community. I was lucky enough to catch up with many experts from the community including Carmine Rimi from Workday, Kamesh Pemmaraju from Dell, and Krish Raghuram and David Brown from Intel on what it takes to drive this broad collaboration and what we can take as the challenges ahead for the community as OpenStack matures to address broad enterprise and telco requirements. A common theme from these chats was the need for continued dialogue from the user community on the core capabilities required for broader deployment and the continued focus on stabilizing code across frequent release cycles.

One thing to look for as OpenStack matures is the relation between the core releases and value add features delivered by OpenStack suppliers and how these interface with custom enhancements delivered within a customer environment. One thing to be sure of, though, is that OpenStack development progress is accelerating unabated, and I would expect even more progress to be on display by the time we reach the next Summit in Vancouver BC in May. 

To get more perspective on the show please check out video interviews with Carmine Rimi, Derek Sellin, and Mike Kadera. You can also view select presentations from the event.