Oracle Database Performance and Scalability on Intel Xeon Platforms at OOW11

It has been a while since my first blog post on Oracle database performance, so what better time to follow up again than my next appearance at Oracle Openworld 2011!

Where was I in 2010? I was presenting at Linuxcon in Boston. This year, I'm back at Openworld. Although the title is similar, so much has changed.

To start off, here are the logistics:

Oracle Database Performance and Scalability on Intel Xeon Platforms

Presenters:  Steve Shaw and Eric Wan
ID#: 31701
Track: Database
Date:  3 October 2011
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: Moscone South
Room: Room 300

We'll talk about defining both performance and scalability, and what is desirable. We'll also look at getting the basics right at the system and OS settings. Then, we'll take a walk through the platform, as we look at the CPU and see measurements of the impact of features such as turbo boost, hyper-threading and 4 and 8 socket scalability tested against an Oracle database.

We will also cover memory performance, including options such as NUMA settings. At the I/O level, we'll look at SSDs. Finally, we will show an approach to holistic performance testing and engineering the system as a whole to work together for optimal performance and scalability.

If you don't get a chance to stop by the presentation, I'll be at the Intel booth with Eric at 4.30pm to go in-depth on some of the topics. Even if you can't make it to Openworld 2011, I plan to follow up on Openworld topics and some of the areas we will speak about on this blog.