Packing even more performance per rack with the new Xeon L5530

Last month, Intel added another high-performing, low power to the Xeon 5500 SKU lineup with the Intel Xeon L5530 processor (2.40 GHz, 60W TDP).  As with the L5506 (2.13 GHz) and L5520 (2.26 GHz) SKUs that were launched in March, the L5530 deliver the same performance as its 80W counterpart (E5530), but at 25% lower CPU power.

With space being a valuable asset in power-constrained data centers (IDC estimates datacenter construction costs at an average of $1,000/sq ft and $40,000/rack), the Xeon L5530 delivers even more performance in the same 60W CPU power envelope to help get the most out of each rack. Hereā€™s the tale of the tape:

  • 66% more performance than previous generation Xeon L5420 SKU

  • 45% more performance than the Xeon L5506 SKU

(performance numbers based on SPEC_int_rate2006*, see for more details)

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